Quality That Saves You Time and Money

Flexible Joint Masters

ATECO Drain Systems offer proven technology, maintenance -free, easy to install floating roof drains. 

All you need to do is fill in and fax to us our standard ATECO Tank Drain Data Sheet and we will provide installation drawings for you. The ATECO Drain System is easy to install in any tank. 

Each drain line requires just a 500mm wide corridor to operate in, between sump and shell nozzles. In tanks above 60m diameter, it is advisable for safety reasons, to fit more than one drain. This can easily be done with the ATECO Drain System. 

As many as 5 lines have previously been fitted to one large crude oil storage tank. 

ATECO Drain advantages over swivel joint drains: 

Conventional Swivel joint drains will eventually leak and require periodic maintenance. Tank cleaning costs are extremely expensive. 

ATECO Drain joints will give a maintenance free life of more than 15 years. Only 4 ATECO Drain joints/line are required. This makes a ATECO Drain much cheaper, simpler, lighter and easier to install 

ATECO Drain advantages over hose drains: All types of drain hoses have problems from time to time interfering with floating roof landing legs. This results in premature drain failure. Drain hoses can have problems with their own buoyancy, they must be very heavy to overcome their own displaced weight. 

ATECO Drainswill always remain within the same narrow operating corridor, and will never interfere with landing legs because of the fixed geometry of the ATECO Drain system.