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Tanks Connected is a leader of custom engineered storage tanks, systems, solutions and services. Our products and services are recognized in the industry for setting a new benchmark of quality and field performance in intergrated storage systems.


Bolted Storage Tanks

Flat Panel bolted tanks offer outstanding performance, reliability and ease of installation.

Geodesic Domes

You will be astonished how advanced Aluminium technology shows its strengths for the storage of liquids.

Internal Floating Roof

Aluminium Floating Roofs have been successfully protecting storage tanks and reduced evaporation for years.


We have our own professional installation team.

Refurbishment and Maintenance

Our team is fully capable to install, refurbish and service our products and exciting products.

Service Market

Minerals & Mining, Water & Wastewater, Power Industry, Dry Bulk Storage, Food Product Storage, Crude Oil, Chemical & Petrochem, Manicipal Utilities.


Infrastructure initiative garners support from nine African presidents
Posted on Monday August 21, 2017

Spearheaded by South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, the Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI), aimed at accelerating regional trade and unlocking the economic potential of the continent, now has nine African presidents on board, with ten projects in the spotlight as Africa continues its infrastructure development drive. Speaking at the Infrastructure Africa conference on Monday, New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad) Planning and Coordinating Agency transport infrastructure expert and PICI coordinator Dr John Tambi highlighted that progress was being made across Africa with the partnerships of country leaders driving long-standing infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure deficit shaves 40% off Africa’s competitiveness
Posted on Monday August 21, 2017

Africa’s multibillion-dollar infrastructure deficit is not only severely hampering seamless regional integration, industrialisation and efficiencies, but is also detrimental to the overarching competitiveness of the emerging continent. It is believed that Africa could be losing in excess of 40% of its competitiveness owing to the absence and inefficiencies of the continent’s infrastructure, which faces a deficit in funding of $93-billion a year over the next 20 years, South African Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies said on Monday.

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